AllisOne – Rescue Synergy Biochemic Tissue Salts Large 180s

R277.00 inc VAT


AllisOne Rescue Synergy helps to de-stress, centre one’s energy and assist in managing everyday stressful situations, revitalising and bringing emotional stability and confidence. Assists emotional upsets, edginess, excitability, irritability, moodiness, restlessness, sleeplessness, tearfulness, tension, fatigue, fear and mild anxiety.*

Rescue Synergy contains the equivalent of seven individual tissue salts:

  • Kali Phos D6
  • Kali Mur D6
  • Mag Phos D6
  • Nat Phos D6
  • Silicea D6
  • Calc Phos D6
  • Nat Mur D6

AllisOne Biochemic Tissue Salts are a more substantial tablet size because we have created them with the intention to be used as proper biochemic supplements – not homoeopathic remedies. AllisOne cell salts behave according to the biochemic Law of Deficiency, not the homoeopathic Law of Similars or proving of remedies. One of our 500mg tablets is equivalent to approximately 2 of the medium sized tablets, 4 of the smaller sized tablets and 9 of the tiny pillules more generally available worldwide.

The AllisOne container size of 180 tablets is designed to be a one-person maintenance supply for 3 or more months, or a family size to share, with ease of use maintenance doses once or twice daily, unless you are addressing an acute complaint. In this case, you would use a tablet as frequently as required – as often as every 10-20 minutes.