Lifematrix Milk Powders: Desert Milk 100g



Lifematrix Desert Milk is a 50/50 blend of wholemilk from camels and goats, offering a nutrient-dense and more easily digestible alternative to cow’s milk.

Camel milk contains immune-bosting protective proteins such as immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and lysozyme.

The camel herd lives in a remote area of the Kalahari, whilst our goat’s milk comes from the semi-desert Cederberg area of the Western Cape. The milk powders are made from pasteurised milk that has been spray-dried. Nothing added. These are pure, wholemilk powders.

Suggested use: (100 g of powder makes 1 L of milk)

Reconstitute in a 1:9 ratio of powder to water (e.g. 2 scoops powder [20 g] + 180 ml water = 200 ml milk). Always add luke-warm water to the powder and blend/whisk or stir slowly while adding liquid. Refrigerate and consume within 5 days.

Or add a scoop or two of Desert Milk powder to shakes, smoothies, hot beverages.