Lifematrix Milk Powders: Camel Milk 100g



Camel Milk is described as the “white gold” of the desert and consumed for centuries by Bedouin tribes and other desert dwellers, camel milk has only recently received serious attention for its nutritional and health-supporting properties.

Camel milk is closer to human milk than any other ruminant milk (cow, sheep, goat etc), but differs from other ruminant milks because it contains low cholesterol and low sugar, but is higher in minerals (sodium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc and magnesium) as well as Vitamin C. It does not contain Beta-lactoglubulin, the main allergen in cow’s milk.

Camel milk is endowed with a rich array of immune-boosting proteins such as lactoferrin, immunoglobulins and lysozyme.

Our camels live in a remote section of the Kalahari where they roam freely in huge “paddocks” of 100-150 ha, foraging on a variety of trees, shrubs and wild grasses. Mothers and calves are kept in close contact, and during each milking session the calf feeds first to stimulate let-down of the milk. This is ethical farming in tune with Nature.

Lifematrix camel milk powder is made from pasteurised milk that has been spray-dried. Nothing added. It is pure, wholemilk powder. It is naturally sweet-tasting.

NOTE: This product is not suitable for infant feeding.

Suggested use (100g of powder makes 1 litre of milk)

Reconstitute in a 1:9 ratio of powder to water (e.g. 2 scoops [20 g] + 180 ml water = 200 ml milk).

Always add luke-warm water to powder and blend/whisk or stir slowly. Refrigerate & consume within 5 days.

Or add a scoop or two of powder directly to shakes, smoothies, hot beverages.