Lifematrix – Tonic Mushrooms: Energising blend 100g

R313.00 inc VAT


Tonic/medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries across Asia to support wellness, but only in recent years have researchers and health-conscious consumers in the West started paying serious attention to their benefits. They are now increasingly recognised for their adaptogenic (bringing balance to the body) properties and as a source of immune-modulating beta-glucans and anti-oxidants, as well as pre-biotics.

Lifematrix’s range of tonic mushroom blends have been specially selected for their benefits. The mushrooms/fungi chosen include some well-known “super-shrooms” such a chaga, oyster, shiitake and lion’s mane, but also exotics like bamboo, black hoof and snow fungi.

Three blends are available: Wellbeing, Anti-Ageing and Energising.

The powdered mushrooms can be used to make hot beverages, added to soups/stews or smoothies, or as a seasoning.