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Absolute Organix Breathe H202 is 1% food grade hydrogen peroxide solution for use with nebulisers or as a mouth wash.

H202 has been around for hundreds of years (first isolated in France in 1818). Used to heal wounds and as a potent disinfectant, H202 consists of a water molecule (H2O) with an extra oxygen atom (H2O2)

In a healthy immune system, the body’s immune cells produce their own H202 to kill the infected cells. But when one’s immune system is overwhelmed, H202 therapy assists the immune cells in doing that, delivering H202 into the infected cells.

H202 is best used with a nebuliser, which is a device that is able to convert liquids into tiny, microscopic bubbles that look like smoke. The bubbles can be inhaled into the deepest regions of the lungs without discomfort or irritation. They also reach the sinuses, throat and bronchial tract. (Asthmatics have been using nebulisers for years to get their medication far down into their lungs).

One of the challenges for those interested in nebulising is sourcing the right quality hydrogen peroxide in the right concentration. Only 3% H202 (no higher) should be used and it must be food grade (containing nothing but H202) because the stuff in pharmacies typically contains preservatives that you wouldn’t want in your lungs.

To simplify matters, Absolute Organix is now offering a ready-to-nebuliseH202 blend. Our Breathe H202 product provides a 1% of solution of food-grade H202 in purified water (Reverse Osmosis/Ozone treated). It’s available in 250ml bottles, enough for 25 X 10 ml treatments.

A typical protocol for using nebulised H202 is as follows:

  • Preventative/early-onset of symptoms: nebulise once a day for several minutes
  • As a treatment: nebulise up to four times a day for 10-15 minutes.

When nebulising, it can be helpful to occasionally hold one’s breath for a few seconds after breathing in to ensure maximum penetration of the H202 into the depths of the lungs. Breathing occasionally through the nose can also be beneficial.

If the 1% dilution is too strong (stings), it can be further diluted with purified water.

A dry mouth seems to be a common “side effect” of nebulising H202. Drinking adequate amounts of water is widely recommended .


Hydrogen peroxide, purified water

Suggested Use:

Fill nebuliser chamber with 10-15ml of solution and breathe for several minutes.


Avoid contact with eyes

Keep out of reach of children

If nebulising causes discomfort/pain, usage should be stopped immediately.

Always consult a health-care professional before you embark on nebulising.


Nebulisers are readily available from pharmacies like Dis-Chem as well as retailers like Makro. The most effective type of nebuliser for H202 seems to be a “mesh” nebuliser, but other types can also be used.

Gargling with the 1% H202 blend may also be helpful .

Store in a cool dry place below 25°c.

Refrigerate after opening. Use within 30 days of opening